Military Catholic ID Card (Donation to the military)

Right now, during our special Fourth of July Sale (July 2-11) for every “Military Catholic ID Card” that you purchase to send to our military men and women, Catholic ID will match your gift, no limit!

If you buy 5, we’ll donate 5. If you buy 100, we’ll donate 100. It’s a great way to let our military know we are thinking about them, and thank our veterans for all they have done. 

(These are the exact same cards as our regular Catholic ID cards, we only call them Military Catholic ID cards to designate that they will be sent to the military).

According to the recent US Department of Defense estimates, there are over 325,000 Catholics actively serving in the US Military. Help us reach just a small fraction of our active duty men and women, their families and our veterans!

***PLEASE NOTE: Military Catholic ID Cards that are purchased through this sale, will NOT be sent to you. They are a gift from you, to our military, that we are matching! They will be sent to Catholic Military Chaplains, Military Hospitals, Catholic Veteran Associations and other Catholic organizations that will distribute them to our military men and women, as well as our veterans. Also, we regret that we cannot honor requests to send them to particular servicemen and women during this campaign.***

Here’s a great way to show your gratitude to the men and women who serve and protect our country!