Military Spiritual Communion Card Donation

I recently received an email from a chaplain at an Army base. Out of 50,000 trainees that pass through his base a year, about 12,000 a year are Catholic. He requested that we send him as many Spiritual Communion cards as possible to pass out to the trainees. He said they are so happy to receive anything he can give them. Will you help me?

From now until May 20, 2020, when you purchase a Military Spiritual Communion Card to be donated to this chaplain, we will match that donation. 
No matter how many you buy, we will match your purchase. If you buy 5, we’ll donate 5. If you buy 100, we’ll donate 100. There's no limit! Your donation along with ours will get shipped directly to Father, and we'll cover the shipping costs.  

With the recent suspension of Masses around the world, most of us can relate to the feelings of loneliness and sadness we felt at not being able to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist. God willing for most of us, we will be able to return to Church and the Sacraments soon. However, it's not uncommon for our military men and women to go for long periods of time without the opportunity for Mass and Holy Communion. These cards can encourage them to make daily Spiritual Communions and be united with Our Lord. 

(These are the exact same cards as our regular Spiritual Communion cards, we only call them Military Spiritual Communion cards to designate that they will be sent to this chaplain).

Let's show our appreciation and support for these young men and women who are preparing to defend our country!  

***PLEASE NOTE: Military Spiritual Communion Cards that are purchased through this sale, will NOT be sent to you. They are a gift from you to this chaplain that we are matching! They will be sent to him, and then passed out to the trainees.***

Thank you for joining with us in this great act of service!